Carin Reich

My work explores the relationship between nature and humanity. I contemplate the interconnectedness of all things, and the fields of energy created through connection. Geometric shapes serve as powerful symbols for the patterns and cycles that govern both the natural world and the human experience. I draw inspiration from both sacred symbolism and pop culture, integrating bold forms and bright colors to create a modern visual language that reflects our relationship with cosmic and real life experience. I blend digital and traditional (printmaking, painting, sculpture) media in both my process and final output, striving to create rich and immersive expressions of these complex themes. 

 Currently, I am developing a body of work entitled, Reimagining Constellations, a multi-viewing experience of the archetypes of the zodiac that gives both 2D and 3D shape and color to the astrological constellations. I also employ art as a form of activism, as well as healing. My mantra, to express is to heal, has fueled FLIP, a pop-art-infused, political call to action designed to bring communities together.

Ecliptic 2.0 (detail), 2022, wood, wire, crystal, 84”x82”x72”
Ecliptic 2.0, 2022, wood, wire, crystal, 84”x82”x72”
Lion, 2022, acrylic, charcoal, gold leaf, 68”x68”
Yin Yang Rose, 2021, wood cut print on linen, framed, 48”x48”
Red Rose, 2021, wood cut print on paper, 24”x24”, paper size: 25”x37”
Be Like A Lotus, 2021, acrylic, charcoal, gold leaf, 48”x48”
Imagine, 2021, acrylic, charcoal, gold leaf, 48”x60”
The Right To Bear, 2021, acrylic, charcoal, gold leaf, 60”x48”
FU Red Blue / FLIP (Niza Knoll Gallery), 2019, installation: digital print, laser copies, acrylic pens
FLIP (Boulder Creative Collective / detail from installation), 2018, laser copy, acrylic pens, glitter