September 8-October 16, 2009

Book-Signing, Gallery Talk, and Reception

Curated by:
Patricia Miranda,Director, OSilas Gallery
Jayne Warman, Independent Curator

The OSilas Gallery at Concordia College presents works from the Davies Collection of 19th and early 20th century American paintings. The exhibition includes works from the Hudson River School and American Impressionists, covering a varied genre of subjects from winter landscapes, cityscapes, marine, and still life. According to Curator and OSilas Gallery Director Patricia Miranda, “walking into the Davies home, covered floor to ceiling in paintings from the complete spectrum of 19th and early 20th century America, is like going on a journey with a sage story-teller. The excitement and enthusiasm of Tom Davies when speaking about his collection cannot help but inspire a whole new perspective on American art.” Tom Davies has been collecting American paintings for 40 years. Not an art historian, artist, or curator by trade, but rather a passionate lover of American paintings–he is a true collector. His passion has grown into an obsession and he has amassed a venerable collection along the way.Davies’ book, Collecting Stories, A Collection of American Paintings, published by Laynfaroh, spans many genres and styles, including 19th century Hudson River School, Tonalism, Expatriate, Impressionism, and more. Davies will talk about his lifelong journey collecting and the myriad personal stories that accompany each painting. He will sign copies of Collecting Stories, A Collection of American Paintings at the opening reception Thursday, September 10, 2009, at 7pm. With so many incredible paintings in the collection, Curators Patricia Miranda and Jayne Warman chose selected works primarily from the Hudson River School and American Impressionists with a focus on landscape, cityscape, and marine. The Exhibition includes work from artists such as Albert Bierstadt, William Merrit Chase, Sanford Gifford, Childe Hassam, Aldro Hibbard, Max Kuehne, Hayley Lever, Richard Miller, Frederick Mulhaupt, Walter Palmer, Albert Pinkham Ryder, Guy Wiggins, and many more. This is a truly extraordinary opportunity to view the depth of American painting in the beautiful OSilas Gallery.Patricia Miranda is the curator and Director of the OSilas Gallery. Jayne Warman is an independent curator and curator of the Bronxville Library’s art collection.