Bahar Behbahani, Negar Behbahani, Maciek Schejbal 
Premiere Performance
Saturday September 13, 3-5pm
Audience members are welcome to participate and watch the performance. The artists will be available at 5pm for conversation.
A Tide of a Memory, a participatory video installation, is derived from a series of projects which explore the power of bread through people’s personal memories amid larger political and economic spheres of this universal sustenance. A Tide of a Memory is a proposed collaborative project inspired by the HISTORY OF TIDE MILL.
Bahar Behbahani multidisciplinary artist, following her recent series of Bread and Memory, takes the role of the artist as masseur, offering the audience a five minute massage. As soon as she touches a participant, a video screening is being triggered (designed by interactive artist Negar Behbahani), thus the participant watches the video while receiving the massage at the same time. Maciek Schejbal musician, being a part of this performative installation, creates a hypnotic pattern of sounds recorded in abandoned grain silos across the US and also in the village of Port Chester and the town of Rye. In this way, we are designing network of interactions between people, environment, and memory. The video would be an inviolable ritual documentation of the hands of native Americans kneading dough, allowing audience and participants go through immersive experiences of kneading and ritual aspect of bread making. After a while the rhythm of images, sound, and performative touch would trigger and evoke people’s emotions and produce memories. A Tide of a Memory experiments with stimulating people’s memory through the process of being massaged while engaging their sense of sight and hearing, instigating collective memory. In exchange the participants share a written bread recollections.